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Surface Tension

By Meg McKinlay

What secrets lie beneath?

On the day Cassie was born, they drowned her town. Twelve years later, she and her classmate Liam are drawn to the man-made lake and the mysteries it hides. As summer heats up and the lake waters become lower and lower, secrets are slowly uncovered. Can Cassie bring the shocking truth to light before it’s too late?

  • Winner, Children’s/Young Adult category, Davitt Awards, 2012
  • “A wonderfully layered story – reading it is like being gradually immersed in a pool of water as each layer of the narrative slowly washes over you … There isn’t a dull moment in this book. The story is full of human connections that will delight readers and there is a whimsy to the text that makes it a great read for all ages.” Bookseller+Publisher
  • “Meg McKinlay expertly guides her readers through a well-plotted coming of age story that’s beautifully atmospheric … A real page turner.” Sunday Age

About the author

Meg McKinlay grew up in Bendigo, Victoria, in a book-loving, TV- and car-free household. On the long and winding path to becoming a children’s writer, she has worked a variety of jobs including swim instructor, tour guide, translator and teacher. These days, she lives with her family near the ocean in Fremantle and divides her time between teaching and writing, a balance that swings wildly between chaos and calm. She is always busy cooking up more books and you can visit her on the web at

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