Sugar Sugar

By Carole Wilkinson

**eBook Edition** The first Young Adult fiction novel by internationally bestselling and award-winning Australian author Carole Wilkinson.

Seventeen-year-old Jackie has left Australia with a psychedelic suitcase and a dream to become a world-famous fashion designer. She knows exactly where she’s going and how she’s going to get there. So how does a weekend in Paris send her spinning off-course? How does she end up somewhere she couldn’t even find on a map? Sugar Sugar is an evocative young adult fiction novel by Australian author Carole Wilkinson. Set in the 1970s, this coming-of-age story is a whirlwind of romance, travel and dreams. Carole is most well-known for the internationally bestselling series Dragonkeeper, the award-winning non-fiction book Black Snake, and her junior fiction Ramose series. Carole’s most recent book is Stagefright. Read more at: “A beautifully paced, closely observed and utterly compelling story about losing a dream and finding your passion. Wilkinson creates perfectly the aching uncertainty and glorious adventures of a girl on the road, and transports you so completely into an exotic and dangerous journey that you’re not reading this book, you’re living it.” Julia Lawrinson “This convincing and inspiring adventure smells of freedom … it’s Wilkinson’s excellent characterisation – peppered with a touch of romance and big dreams – that mostly underpins the narrative drive, making for an engrossing page-turner.” Bookseller+Publisher “A fast-paced, colourful, compelling novel. Highly recommended for young adults and adults.” Magpies magazineSugar Sugar is great fun … There is a wealth of fascinating detail in the descriptions of places Jackie visits and she is an appealing narrator – self-reliant and sensible.” Viewpoint magazine “Adults and upper school girls with a keen interest in tales of self-discovery will enjoy Sugar Sugar.” Fiction Focus

About the author

Carole Wilkinson is an award-winning and much loved author of books for children. She has a long-standing fascination with dragons and is interested in the history of everything. Though Carole has written over 30 books, she did not write her first book until she was nearly 40. Before that she had worked as a laboratory assistant and as a film and television writer and editor.

ISBN: 9781742590332
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Release Date: February 1, 2014
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