Story of a Dolphin

By Katherine Orr
Illustrated by Katherine Orr

Laura and her father, who live on an island in the Caribbean, discover a dolphin who loves to be with people.

They spend a lot of time playing in the ocean with the dolphin and other people start to play with the dolphin too. Sometimes the dolphin does things the people don't understand and they think the dolphin might be dangerous. This story tells how friendships between humans and animals can develop. Readers can learn how conflicts can be resolved by patient understanding.

About the author

Katherine's writing career began while she was working as a marine biologist in the Caribbean and Caicos Islands. To address the need for simple educational tools in regional communities, she began writing and illustrating grant-funded booklets and posters about the environment and local fisheries. This proved to be such a satisfying experience that Katherine branched into writing and illustrating children's books about nature. She has authored and illustrated more than a dozen books, mostly for children. She has also contributed articles to professional scientific journals and popular magazines. Her commissioned artworks include a hotel mural, logos, posters, portraits, scientific drawings, cartoons, and cookbook illustrations.

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Release Date: June 1, 1993
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