Stink and the Midnight Zombie Walk

By Megan McDonald
Illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds

Reading is UNdead — and everyone has zombies on the brain — as Stink's school and a local bookstore cook up a frightfully fun Main Street event.

Guts! Brains! Eyeballs! There’s only one week before the new book in the Nightmare on Zombie Street series comes out. Of corpse Stink will be first in line at the Blue Frog Bookstore to buy his copy and join the town’s Midnight Zombie Walk! Until then, Stink and his friends keep busy making ketchup-stained zombie costumes, trying to raise money to buy the book, and racking up points for Virginia Dare School’s race to one million minutes of reading. But with all that talk about the undead, Zink — that is, Stink — starts to wonder: is he being hunted by zombies? He does have a very delicious — er, superb — brain, after all. Readers will just have to open ze book and zee! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!

  • Book 7 in the popular young chapter book series starring Stink Moody (aka Judy Moody's little brother).
  • One of the best pro-book, pro-library, pro-bookstore lines ever! In the words of Principal Zombie (aka Principal Tuxedo), "I hereby officially declare reading is UN-dead!"
  • Chock full of classroom, library, and bookstore tie-in ideas: Stink #7 book release party, anyone? And why not throw in a midnight zombie walk while you're at it? And the Virginia Dare School's race to One Million Minutes of Reading no doubt echoes reading campaigns in many schools around the country. Perhaps Stink will start a new trend: Read to a Zombie Day!

About the author

Megan McDonald is the creator of the popular and award-winning Stink and Judy Moody series. She is also the author of three Sisters Club stories, Ant and Honey Bee: A Pair of Friends at Halloween, and many other books for children. She lives in Sebastopol, California.

About the illustrator

Peter H. Reynolds is the illustrator of the Stink and Judy Moody books and the author-illustrator of The Dot, Ish, So Few of Me, and Rose’s Garden. He lives in Dedham, Massachusetts.

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