Somebody Told Me

By Mia Siegert

An unflinching exploration of trauma, identity, and integrity through the lens of a bigender teen's experience.

After an assault, bigender seventeen-year-old Aleks/Alexis is looking for a fresh start—so they voluntarily move in with their uncle, a Catholic priest. In their new bedroom, Aleks/Alexis discovers they can overhear parishioners in the church confessional. Moved by the struggles of these "sinners," Aleks/Alexis decides to anonymously help them, finding solace in their secret identity: a guardian angel instead of a victim. But then Aleks/Alexis overhears a confession of another priest admitting to sexually abusing a parishioner. As they try to uncover the priest's identity before he hurts anyone again, Aleks/Alexis is also forced to confront their own abuser and come to terms with their past trauma.

  • Tackles relevant, complex issues of identity and abuse
  • #OwnVoices story told by a bigender author and sexual assault survivor; a bigender person sometimes identifies as female and sometimes identifies as male
  • Respectful of the Catholic faith while acknowledging instances of abuse

About the author

Mia Siegert is an author and costume designer from New Jersey. Siegert is also the author of the YA novel Jerkbait.

ISBN: 9781541578197
Imprint: Carolrhoda Lab – Lerner Publishing Group
Distributor: Walker Australia-HEDS
Binding: Hardback
Release Date: July 1, 2020
Dimensions: 140 x 190mm, 272pp
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