Slingshot and Burp

By Richard Haynes
Illustrated by Stephen Gilpin

Yippee-ki-yay! Saddle up and hit the dusty trail with the wildest bike-ridin’ kid cowboys west of the Mississippi!

Slingshot and Burp—two pea-shootin’, slingshot-totin’ cowhands on two wheels—are on the lookout for action. Bleached bones? Bring ’em on! Lost outlaws? Let’s go! Hidden loot? Yee haw! Rattlesnakes! Scorpions! Ghost cats!Wait, what . . . ? Whoa! Saddled up to battle the boredom of summer, these two double cousins, best friends, and next-door neighbors have fitted themselves out like Old West cowboys to charge boldly (and sometimes bravely) into the southwestern desert that is their backyard. And sure enough, in two rattles of a snake’s tail, the boys find themselves boots-deep in adventure, dodging sisters, jail time, coyotes, and squirting skulls! Boll weevil!

  • A book that scores a bull's eye on the hearts and imaginations of boys. This should keep even the most reluctant reader in the saddle all the way to the end of the trail.
  • Energetic cartoon-like illustrations by Stephen Gilpin keep the mood light and beckon the reader who wants action and humor in his/her books.
  • Old-fashioned play is celebrated and made irresistible by the double cousins, Slingshot and Burp, who fancy themselves wild west cowboys and roam the range on their trusty steeds Thunder and Lightning (bicycles), looking for adventure and always finding it... or concocting it themselves.

About the author

Richard Haynes grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania, one of nine children. Every day of his boyhood was filled with adventure and not a few battles with sisters and brothers over territory. Slingshot and Burp is his first book for children. He lives in northern California with his wife, writer Megan McDonald.

About the illustrator

Stephen Gilpin has illustrated more than thirty books for children, including the Who Shrunk Daniel Funk? books by Lin Oliver. Stephen Gilpin lives in Kansas.

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Release Date: November 1, 2016
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