By Lili Wilkinson

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Scatterheart, who was selfish and vain, with a heart as fickle as the changing winds...

Hanna Cheshire is rich and spoilt. She has servants to wait on her hand and foot - and Thomas, a passionate young tutor who fills her head with stories. Then one day her father disappears, and she is left to fend for herself. Alone and penniless, she is sentenced to transportation for a crime she didn't commit. Once Hannah considered Thomas beneath her: a servant, a commoner. Now she thinks of him more and more. But will she ever see him again? One girl‘s adventure to find happiness becomes a fairytale within a fairytale. A romantic story of power and love.

  • A sweeping, romantic historical novel, for lovers of Pride and Prejudice and Titanic.
  • A love story, an adventure story, a story about the constraints of class and the possibilities of a new country.
  • Long-listed for the Waterstone's Children's Prize

About the author

Lili Wilkinson remembers the day in Beijing when she learnt to read 'in her head'. She was six and has been immersed in the world of books since. It's an obsession she shares with her mother, Carole Wilkinson (the China trip was the germ that sprouted the award-winning Dragonkeeper). Lili was first published when she was only eleven, in Voiceworks, a creative writing magazine for young people. Following an honours degree in Creative Arts and six months of teaching English in Japan, Lili began working at the Centre for Youth Literature, State Library of Victoria. Lili lives in inner Melbourne, and loves reading, quality TV, the work of Jim Henson and Japanese food.

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Release Date: October 1, 2010
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