Star Jumps

By Lorraine Marwood

A warm narrative verse-novel about a family’s life on the farm during harsh times.

A poignant verse novel depicting the joys and heartbreaks of a farming family as they struggle to cope with the devastating effects of long term drought. Told through the eyes of Ruby, day to day farm life involves playing in grassy paddocks with siblings, doing jobs and helping out, and witnessing birth, death and sacrifice. The family are devastated when they have to sell off some of their herd, but in the spirit of hope it is Ruby who tries in her own small way to help the family by making miniature bales of hay.

  • A powerful, moving and vividly realised verse-novel from the author of Ratwhiskers and Me.
  • Explores the joys and hardship of life on a farm from a unique child’s point of view.
  • Great educational resource, perfect for use in schools.

About the author

Lorraine Marwood is an award-winning poet who has been widely published in international literary magazines and has also published several children’s books, including The Girl who Turned into Treacle and Rot Your Socks. Lorraine is the Australian editor of the UK literary magazine Tears in the Fence and is a writer of poetry ideas and teaching plans for Literature Base. She also conducts workshops on poetry and story writing skills and is a judge for many writing competitions, including the Dorothea McKellar Poetry Awards. Lorraine was also the recipient of a May Gibbs mentorship in children's writing. Her first book for Walker Books Australia, Ratwhiskers and Me, was published in 2008.

ISBN: 9781921150722
Imprint: Walker Books Australia
Distributor: Walker Australia-HEDS
Binding: Paperback
Release Date: June 1, 2009
Dimensions: 129 x 198mm, 128pp
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New Zealand RRP: $19.99
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