River Story

By Meredith Hooper
Illustrated by Bee Willey

A lyrical, beautifully illustrated account of a river's journey from its source to the sea – supports key stage 1-2 Geography.

"All rivers have a beginning..." This lyrical account of a river’s journey from the mountains to the sea, which won the English Association's Non-Fiction Award, is a perfect introduction to rivers and supports key stage 1-2 Geography. The river begins as a clear stream formed high in the mountains from melted snow. It slips over pebbles, skids round rocks and is fed by other streams, smaller and faster. Gradually, the river grows wider as it flows quietly past meadows, under bridges, through cities ... until, finally, after sliding slowly through mudflats and marshes, fresh water meets salt water to become part of the sea. Beautifully illustrated by Bee Willey, with a detailed spread at the end charting the key geographical stages of a river's journey.

  • Winner of the English Association's Non-Fiction Award.
  • Beautifully illustrated by Bee Willey.
  • Includes an informative summary at the end of the book with key geographical terms as well as an index.

About the author

Meredith Hooper has written over fifty books, on everything from pyramids to aeroplanes. This book is based partly on a river that flowed past her garden, and partly on rivers she has seen on her travels in many other parts of the world.

About the illustrator

Bee Wiley has created artwork for books, magazines, even CD covers. With this book, she says, the flow of the river (starting as a trickle, then gaining speed and collecting things on its way to the sea) is like the flow of teamwork that went into making River Story.

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