Planet SOS

By Marie G. Rohde

Our planet is sending out an SOS. From global warming to plastic soup, real-life environmental monsters are threatening our climate, wildlife and ecosystems at every turn. But there’s lots you can do to fight back!

In this surprising look at today’s big environmental issues, discover how you can make a difference in the battle against these modern-day menaces. On each page you’ll learn about the causes and impact of environmental problems, as well as the some everyday ways you can combat them. Find out how taking a bike ride instead of going for a drive protects us from climate change, or how eating your vegetables can help to prevent deforestation. Each page also draws comparisons to mythical monsters from cultures across the planet, emphasising the global nature of the environmental crisis. A stunningly illustrated call to action for eco-warriors of all ages

  • Learn how you can fight back against today’s environmental menaces
  • An in-depth look at these real-life modern monsters, including climate change, plastic soup, food waste and many more
  • An ideal handbook for any child interested in making their world a better place

About the author

When finishing her architectural studies in Sweden, Marie G. Rohde entered a children's books competition and began a new and unexpected chapter in her life. Marie swapped plans and diagrams for illustration, print design and living in Barcelona. Her books Taming True Dragons and SOS are the result of a lifelong interest in myths and environmental issues.

ISBN: 9781912920211
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Binding: Hardback
Release Date: April 1, 2020
Dimensions: 240 x 300mm, 60pp
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