Peg + Cat: The Puddle

By Billy Aronson, Jennifer Oxley
Illustrated by Billy Aronson, Jennifer Oxley

A rainy day in the park has Peg and Cat singing, dancing, and measuring puddles to find out which ones are perfect for jumping in. Splash!

It’s a rainy day, which is good news for Peg and Cat, who can’t wait to get outside to splash in the puddles. With their rain boots, raincoats, and umbrellas, they’re all set for the puddles in the park. Peg jumps right in, but Cat isn’t so sure. Just how deep is that water, anyway? If only they had some way to measure how far down the puddles go! A clever idea from Peg might just hold the solution to Cat’s puddle problem in this engaging story, which comes with bonus stickers.

  • The third installment in our collection of Peg + Cat 8x8s, complete with sticker sheet.
  • Peg is super excited to jump in puddles after a rainstorm, but Cat is hesitant, because he doesn't want to get his tail wet. By measuring the depth (an early math concept) of the puddle using the stripes on their umbrella, they can figure out which puddles to happily splash in!
  • Features Peg, Cat, and Ramone in a story perfectly suited to springtime, complete with raincoats, rain boots, and puddles galore.

About the author

Peg + Cat is the Emmy Award–winning animated TV series created by Jennifer Oxley and Billy Aronson and produced by Fred Rogers Productions. It was honored with a Parents’ Gold Choice Award in spring 2016.

ISBN: 9781536206982
Imprint: Candlewick Entertainment
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Binding: Paperback
Release Date: May 1, 2019
Dimensions: 203 x 203mm, 24pp
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New Zealand RRP: $12.99
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