Peg + Cat: The Penguin Problem

By Billy Aronson, Jennifer Oxley
Illustrated by Billy Aronson, Jennifer Oxley

Navigating a ski course can be a problem if you don’t know what over, under, and in between mean. Peg and Cat to the rescue!

At the South Pole, Peg and Cat are preparing to watch the ski race at the Animal Winter Games when they spy the Penguins zooming downhill. CRASH! The Penguins keep slamming into obstacles! Peg tries to help by shouting directions: "Go over! Go under! Go in between!" But the Penguins don’t know what over, under, and in between mean. Luckily, Cat points out some directional arrows to follow, and a problem is solved . . . for the moment. Now can anyone figure out how to keep the ice floe the Penguins have landed on from tilting?

  • With perfect timing for the next Winter Olympics (PyeongChang 2018!) Peg and Cat are back in paperback to coach the penguins how to go over, under, and in between ski obstacles at the Animal Winter Games!
  • Based upon the multiple Emmy Award-winning PBS Kids television show that solves STEM-based problems in hilarious and educational fashion, which has aired over 40 original episodes.
  • In a storyline both entertaining and educational, Peg and Cat persevere despite setbacks, demonstrating problem-solving skills.

About the author

Peg + Cat is the Emmy-Award-winning animated TV series created by Jennifer Oxley and Billy Aronson and produced by the Fred Rogers Company. It was named best new series at the 2015 Kidscreen Awards.

ISBN: 9781536203479
Imprint: Candlewick Entertainment
Distributor: Walker Australia-HEDS
Binding: Paperback
Release Date: September 1, 2018
Dimensions: 271 x 223mm, 32pp
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New Zealand RRP: $16.99
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