Pantheon: The True Story of the Egyptian Deities

By Hamish Steele
Illustrated by Hamish Steele

The most important myth in Ancient Egypt is faithfully retold in glorious colour! Horus, son of Isis, vows bloody revenge on his Uncle Set for the murder and usurpation of his Pharaoh father. Based on elements from several versions of the famous Osiris my

Pantheon contains: incest, decapitation, suspicious salad, fighting hippos, flying cows, a boat race, resurrections, lots of scorpions, and a golden willy.

  • Originally self-published in black and white following a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, this is a full colour edition with new added content
  • Entertainingly retells the most well known Ancient Egyptian myth about the battle between the gods Horus and Set for the throne of Egypt - which means including all the gory, dirty details.
  • Hamish runs the cult webcomic DeadEndia based on his Cartoon Hangover short animation.

About the author

Hamish Steele is a freelance animation director and illustrator who grew up in Somerset surrounded by legends, myths and folktales. Since graduating from Kingston University with First Class Honours in 2013, Hamish has worked for the BBC, Cartoon Network, Blink!Ink, Disney, Nickelodeon and Random House, among others. Hamish currently lives in London. Pantheon is his first graphic novel.

ISBN: 9781910620205
Imprint: Nobrow
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Binding: Paperback
Release Date: July 1, 2017
Dimensions: 170 x 226mm, 216pp
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