Open Fire

By Amber Lough

A dramatic page-turner that captures the devastating toll of war and the impact of women's struggles and solidarity, through the lens of a little-known slice of history.

In 1917, Russia is losing the war with Germany, soldiers are deserting in droves, and food shortages on the home front are pushing people to the brink of revolution. Seventeen-year-old Katya is politically conflicted, but she wants Russia to win the war. Working at a munitions factory seems like the most she can do to serve her country—until the government begins recruiting an all-female army battalion. Inspired, Katya enlists. Training with other brave women, she finds camaraderie and a deep sense of purpose. But when the women's battalion heads to the front, Katya has to confront the horrifying realities of war. Faced with heartbreak and disillusionment, she must reevaluate her commitment and decide where she stands.

  • Compelling, suspenseful writing vividly depicts its historical setting
  • Explores relevant themes of high-stakes political turmoil, the horrors of war, and the experiences of women in both battlefield combat and movements for social change
  • Highlights the groundbreaking Woman's Battalion of Death, which preceded the more famous Russian Night Witches of World War II

About the author

Amber Lough is an Air Force veteran and world traveller. She loves fountain pens, the great outdoors, foreign languages, and cats. Amber lives in Germany with her husband and their two children. She is also the author of the YA fantasy novels The Fire Wish and The Blind Wish.

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