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  • Windows

    By Julia Denos
    Illustrated by E.B. Goodale

    Hardback, AUS $24.99, NZ $27.99
    Walking his dog at dusk, one boy catches glimpses of the lives around him in this lovely ode to autumn evenings, exploring your neighborhood, and coming home.

  • Giant Pants

    By Mark Fearing
    Illustrated by Mark Fearing

    Hardback, AUS $27.99, NZ $29.99
    Who hasn’t misplaced something important? Readers large and small will laugh knowingly along with this relatable (and rather giant) case of forgetfulness.

  • Trucks Galore

    By Peter Stein
    Illustrated by Bob Staake

    Hardback, AUS $24.99, NZ $27.99
    Strap in for a rousing, rumbling ode to trucks of all stripes, loaded with high-energy verse and whimsical illustrations.

  • The Secret Horses of Briar Hill

    By Megan Shepherd
    Illustrated by Levi Pinfold

    Paperback, AUS $16.99, NZ $18.99
    An exceptional and moving novel about the power of the imagination from a New York Times bestselling author, illustrated by the winner of the Kate Greenaway medal.

  • Willy and the Cloud

    By Anthony Browne
    Illustrated by Anthony Browne

    Paperback, AUS $16.99, NZ $18.99
    From the former Children's Laureate and twice winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal comes a stunning and perceptive story about facing your fears.

  • Gecko

    By Raymond Huber
    Illustrated by Brian Lovelock

    Hardback, AUS $24.99, NZ $27.99
    Discover Gecko - the escape artist of the lizard world!

  • Owl Bat Bat Owl

    By Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick
    Illustrated by Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick

    Board Book, AUS $12.99, NZ $14.99
    A family of owls become neighbours with a family of bats ... just how will the night unfold?

  • A Mighty Bitey Creature

    By Ronda Armitage
    Illustrated by Nikki Dyson

    Hardback, AUS $24.99, NZ $27.99
    A raucous, suspenseful, silly comedy starring jungle favourites Monkey, Zebra, Frog and Lion … and a bottom-biting bush baby!

  • Pirate Baby

    By Mary Hoffman
    Illustrated by Ros Asquith

    Hardback, AUS $24.99, NZ $27.99
    When the crew of pirate ship Ramshackle find a tiny baby adrift on the high seas, they are a bit flummoxed. Even more so, when they discover it's a baby girl.

  • Pick a Pine Tree

    By Patricia Toht
    Illustrated by Jarvis

    Hardback, AUS $24.99, NZ $27.99
    Pick a pine tree from the lot – slim and tall, or short and squat! Long straight limbs or branches bent... Mmm! Just smell that piney scent!

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