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  • The Animals Grimm

    By Kevin Crossley-Holland
    Illustrated by Susan Varley

    Hardback, AUS $24.99, NZ $26.99
    Winner of the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize and Carnegie Medal, Kevin Crossley-Holland presents this treasury of Grimm's animal tales.

  • Hilda and the Hidden People (TV Tie-In 1)

    By Stephen Davies
    Illustrated by Seaerra Miller, Luke Pearson

    Paperback, AUS $16.99, NZ $18.99
    Meet Hilda: explorer, adventurer, avid sketchbook-keeper and friend to every creature in the valley! Well.... almost every creature...

  • Little Fish's Colours

    By Lucy Cousins
    Illustrated by Lucy Cousins

    Board Book, AUS $11.99, NZ $13.99
    Learn your colours with Little Fish in this fun, rhyming book. Young readers will love spotting all the beautiful colours in this deep-sea delight from Lucy Cousins, creator of Hooray for Fish!

  • Animology

    By Maree Coote
    Illustrated by Maree Coote

    Hardback, AUS $34.99, NZ $37.99
    These remarkable illustrations capture animal body-language and likeness with accuracy, charm and wit, while simultaneously spelling the animal’s portrait! It’s the missing link between word and image.

  • SKIP

    By Molly Mendoza
    Illustrated by Molly Mendoza

    Hardback, AUS $27.99, NZ $29.99
    Become immersed in Molly Mendoza's dazzling worlds filled with unique and endearing characters in this epic and profound tale of growth, companionship and compassion.

  • Akissi 2: More Tales of Mischief

    By Marguerite Abouet
    Illustrated by Mathieu Sapin

    Paperback, AUS $24.99, NZ $27.99
    Akissi is back! With more stories of silliness and choas.

  • Ancient Wonders

    By Iris Volant
    Illustrated by Avalon Nuovo

    Hardback, AUS $27.99, NZ $29.99
    How exactly was the Great Pyramid at Giza made? Were the mystical Hanging Gardens of Babylon even real? What became of the Lighthouse of Alexandria? Find out ... in Ancient Wonders.

  • Sleep

    By Kate Prendergast
    Illustrated by Kate Prendergast

    Paperback, AUS $16.99, NZ $18.99
    A first information book, illustrated with beautiful close-ups of the animals featured, the book ends with a sleeping child and a question – do animals dream?

  • Ollie and Augustus

    By Gabriel Evans
    Illustrated by Gabriel Evans

    Hardback, AUS $26.99, NZ $28.99
    A funny, heartwarming story about little Ollie's determination to make sure his great big dog Augustus is okay when he's at school.

  • Dream Riders: Storm

    By Jesse Blackadder, Laura Bloom

    Paperback, AUS $17.99, NZ $19.99
    Without a saddle or bridle, all that’s left is the truth. Dream Riders is an exciting new middle-grade series about horses, friendship and being true to yourself.

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