Name Tags and Other Sixth-Grade Disasters

By Ginger Garrett

This witty middle-grade novel tackles the internal and external chaos that can come with change, growing up, and forging genuine connections.

Twelve-year-old Lizbeth always has a plan, and those plans have usually worked—until now. No matter what she tries, she can't get rid of her dad's new girlfriend, Claire. And when she and her mom move, Lizabeth has to join a sixth-grade class already in progress, where her teacher makes her wear a name tag and she's seated with three notorious "weirdos." When faced with mandatory participation in a school talent show, Lizbeth and the Weirdos decide to create self portraits. Reluctantly, Lizbeth finds herself becoming friends with people she thought she had nothing in common with—and coming to terms with the things she can't control.

  • A humorous approach to weighty themes of acceptance (of others and oneself)
  • Expertly depicts the complexities of all the characters, including Lizabeth's main rival at school and the flawed adults in her life
  • Offers a hopeful and empathetic outlook without succumbing to overly sentimental resolutions for the conflicts

About the author

Ginger Garrett is the author of many educational books for children as well as the middle-grade novel The Last Monster. Ginger lives in Atlanta with her family and runs a young adult writing program through the public library. You can learn more at

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