My Boyfriend Is a Monster 1: I Love Him to Pieces

By Evonne Tsang
Illustrated by Janina Görrissen

My Boyfriend is a Zombie aims its wooden stake/silver bulleUpitchfork at the heart of the paranormal romance YA readers love, with the insight into real-world relationships everyone could use, and with True Love for its horror-story roots. My

Dicey and Jack, juniors at St. Petersburg High School in Florida, barely know each other before they're assigned as partners for a take care of an egg as if it's your baby project. Dicey is outgoing, a baseball player-your basic jock. Jack focuses on science and becoming valedictorian-your basic nerd. But they click, and their first real relationship would be great, if it weren't for the zombies taking over St. Petersburg. One by one, the adults fall to the zombie fungus, and Jack and Dicey are on their own in an evacuated city (well, except for the teeming masses of zombies). Things turn even grimmer when Jack gets bitten. Dicey has to keep her boyfriend's infection-and her boyfriendunder control, avoid gun-crazy locals on a rampage, and put her baseball bat to good use. A last-ditch run for their lives in an ice-cream truck might just get them to safety ... and to what Dicey hopes is the cure for zombification.

  • The series has vampires, werewolves, and all the classic monsters; angels, faeries, Medusa, and all the newly popular creatures.
  • Author Evonne Tsang attended high school in St. Petersburg, FL, but won't reveal whether there were actually any zombies in her junior class.
  • In the tradition of Buffy and Shaun of the Dead. Fantasy plus real-life teen/tween concerns.

About the author

Evonne Tsang is a native New Yorker who earned a BA in English with a minor in Creative Writing from New York University.

About the illustrator

Janina Gorrissen was born in Frankenthal, Germany, and studied comic arts in Barcelona, Spain. Her works include the shojo manga Kairi (published in France by Les Humanoides Associes) and Black is for Beginnings from Flux. Her website is

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