Mr. Badger and Mrs. Fox 6: The Wild Cat

By Brigitte Luciani
Illustrated by Eve Tharlet

This series gives the youngest children and beginning readers graphic novels of their own that handle real family situations with charm, humour, and just the right point of view for the age group.

Ginger the fox is amazed by the Wild Cat, an acrobat visiting the forest. When the Wild Cat has hurtful words for her, she questions whether she's good at being a fox--the start of a lesson about belonging. Soon she meets new foxes, who encourage her. Meanwhile, the badger siblings in her blended family plan a prank on the rude Wild Cat and his fellow performers.

  • Spells out complicated family situations for the youngest readers.
  • Watercolor art is a charming mix of picture book and graphic novel sensibilities.
  • Just right for reading aloud; sequential art helps children read on their own.

About the author

Brigitte Luciani was born in Hanover, Germany. After getting her masters degree in literature, she worked in a variety of jobs including journalism, editing, and photo research. In 1994 she moved to France, where she began writing books for kids and adults. Around the same time, she first discovered graphic novels and marveled at the possibilities of a format that has been neglected in Germany. After a long time searching for the perfect collaborators for a foray into comics, she teamed up with the artist Colonel Moutarde on l'Espace d'un soir, Comédie d'amour, and Histoires cachées (Delcourt) and with Eve Tharlet for the Monsieur Blaireau et Madame Renarde series (Dargaud).

About the illustrator

Eve Tharlet was born in Alsace but grew up in Germany. She took courses in printmaking and screen-printing in Berlin then continued her studies in illustration in Strasbourg. She has worked in all types of illustration for children, including miniature books and calendars, games and magazines, schoolbooks and classic fairy tales. In twenty years, she has illustrated more than 150 books for children. She is married and has two sons and now lives in the hilly countryside of Brittany.

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