Mr Benjamin's Suitcase of Secrets

By Pei-Yu Chang
Illustrated by Pei-Yu Chang

What's in his suitcase?

Mr. Benjamin is a philosopher with extraordinary ideas. But when his country begins punishing people for being different, he must escape. Over hills and valleys he trudges with a heavy suitcase. What could he be carrying? A compelling story, beautifully illustrated by Pei-Yu Chang, about the importance of personal freedom and the distances we go to protect them—based on a true story of Walter Benjamin.

About the author

Pei-Yu Chang studied in Taipei and Germany. She loves reading and travel. On a trip to southern Germany in 2015, she heard a story about a suitcase that had disappeared. She was so fascinated by the story that she created Mr. Benjamin’s Mysterious Suitcase. This is her first children’s book.

ISBN: 9780735842809
Imprint: NorthSouth Books
Distributor: Walker Australia-HEDS
Binding: Hardback
Release Date: May 2, 2017
Dimensions: 203 x 279mm, 48pp
Stock Status: Confirmed
Australian RRP: $29.99
New Zealand RRP: $32.99
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