By Patrick Skipworth
Illustrated by Nicholas Stevenson

This stunning picture books explores the extraordinary stories behind the global origins of some ordinary-seeming words

Did you know that karaoke is an orchestra without any musicians, or that a companion is someone to share your lunch with? The stories behind everyday English words are a treasure trove of unexpected stories. Discover the global connections that have shaped the English language in this ingenious book packed with dazzling painted illustrations.

  • Reveals the diverse origins of English words and their layered meanings
  • Connects the English language to indigenous languages and cultures across the globe, from Hawaii to Australia, highlighting the interconnected nature of all people
  • Ingenious, painterly artwork adds a delightful twist to the story behind each word

About the author

Patrick Skipworth studied Classics and Linguistics in London and the Netherlands, connecting the dots between ancient cultures, their histories and their languages. Today, Patrick is a children’s book editor, but likes to write his own stories when he can. Some of his favourite topics are prehistoric bugs, super-intelligent robots and legends from far away places.

ISBN: 9781912920174
Imprint: What on Earth Books
Distributor: Walker Australia-HEDS
Binding: Hardback
Release Date: May 1, 2020
Dimensions: 0 x 0mm, 64pp
Stock Status: Confirmed
Australian RRP: $27.99
New Zealand RRP: $29.99
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