Judy Moody, Girl Detective

By Megan McDonald
Illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds

It s an honest-to-jeepers mystery! Agent Judy Drewdy sets out to solve the case of the missing puppy when a canine-cop-in-training vanishes into thin air.

Judy Moody is in a mood. A sleuthing, Nancy Drew kind of mood. So what s a WBMS (world s best mystery solver) to do? Go find a mystery, that s what! And she doesn t have to snoop for long: when Mr. Chips, a beloved crime-dog-in-training, goes missing, Judy Drewdy and her chums, agents Dills Pickle (Frank), Spuds Houdini (Rocky), and James Madagascar (Stink) find themselves smack-dab in the middle of a real-life, scare-your-pants-off whodunit. Was Mr. Chips stolen by dirty dognappers? And why are chocolate chip cookies disappearing all over town? Watch out for red herrings along with plenty of clever references to classic Nancy Drew mysteries as Eagle Eye Moody and company are hot on the case! With a bonus story featuring the winner of the Judy Moody Ultimate Fan Contest!

  • Ninth installment in the internationally popular and best-selling series (10 million Judy Moody books in print worldwide; translated into 22 languages) starring 3rd grader Judy Moody.
  • The first new hardback to feature the exciting cover and jacket design created especially for the 10th anniversary of the first publication of Judy Moody.
  • Nancy Drew references galore pepper this comical wild goose chase, so fans of Judy Moody and of mysteries get their fix!

About the author

Megan McDonald is the creator of the popular and award-winning Judy Moody and Stink series. She is also the author of two Sisters Club stories, Ant and Honey Bee, and many other books for children. She lives in Sebastopol, California.

ISBN: 9780763634506
Imprint: Candlewick
Distributor: Walker Australia-HEDS
Release Date: October 1, 2010
Dimensions: 139 x 185mm, 0pp
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