If I Had a Triceratops

By George O'Connor
Illustrated by George O'Connor

With wit and visual humour, a best-selling author-illustrator imagines how awesome it would be to have a pet triceratops.

In a companion title to the hilarious If I Had a Velociraptor, bestselling author-illustrator George O'Connor wonders – wouldn’t it be the best thing ever to have a pet triceratops?! I mean, if you had one, it would probably be your best friend. It would always want to play with you, and it would always know how you’re feeling. True, a triceratops is a little on the huge side, but that just means more pet to love, and more pet to love you back! A great book for dog lovers and dinosaur enthusiasts, readers will giggle when they see just how much dogs and dinos have in common!

  • What do you get when you cross a child's fantasy of adopting a pup or dog with a child's obsession with dinosaurs? Something along the lines of If I Had a Triceratops.
  • Readers will laugh in recognition at the subtle (and not so subtle) similarities drawn between a dog and a triceratops.
  • A perfect companion volume to If I Had a Velociraptor.

About the author

George O’Connor is the creator of several children’s books, including the bestselling Olympians series – re-tellings of Greek myths in comic form. He is also the author-illustrator of If I Had a Velociraptor. George O’Connor lives in Brooklyn, New York. @GeorgetheMighty

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Release Date: February 1, 2015
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