Idol Gossip

By Alexandra Leigh Young

Delicious gossip squares off with genuine heart in this inside look at a K-pop academy.

Every Friday after school, seventeen-year-old Alice Choy and her little sister, Olivia, head to Myeongdong to sing karaoke. Back in San Francisco, when she still had friends and earthly possessions, Alice took regular singing lessons. But since their diplomat mom moved them to Seoul, her only musical outlet is vamping it up in a private karaoke booth to an audience of one: her loyal sister. Then a scout for Top10 Entertainment, one of the biggest K-pop companies, hears her and offers her a spot at their Star Academy. Can Alice navigate the culture clashes, egos, and extreme training practices of K-pop to lead her group onstage before a stadium of 50,000 chanting fans—and just maybe strike K-pop gold? Not if a certain influential blogger and the anti-fans get their way . . . This debut novel is about standing out and fitting in, dreaming big and staying true. It will speak to fans of K-pop and to anyone who is trying to take their talents to the next level.

  • Based on a popular episode of Radiolab by journalist Alexandra Leigh Young, this young adult novel provides fascinating insights into the experience of being turned into an idol by a K-pop factory, culminating in a scene inspired by the infamous “Black Ocean,” when fans shunned a girl group en masse by making a stadium go dark
  • K-pop has exploded in popularity in the United States, with bands appearing on “Saturday Night Live” and at Coachella, and with boy band BTS breaking YouTube records for most-viewed videos and selling out stadiums across the country. Fans are very devoted, an aspect of K-pop that this novel explores. They are also predominantly female and under the age of 19; coincidentally the same demographic that reads YA
  • We are in the midst of Hallyu, or the Korean Wave, which is a global surge in popularity of Korean music, TV dramas, and movies, like “Parasite,” which won the Best Picture Oscar

About the author

Alexandra Leigh Young currently produces the New York Times podcast The Daily. She produced tours for pop bands for three years before moving to South Korea as a freelance journalist. An assignment on K-pop for NPR’s Radiolab became the basis for Idol Gossip, her first novel for young adults. She lives in New York City.

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