Help! The Wolf is Coming!

By Cédric Ramadier
Illustrated by Vincent Bourgeau

An interactive boardbook for toddlers.

Oh no! The wolf is coming! He’s getting closer and closer—you’d better turn the page, tilt the book, shake it, and then slam it shut. Interactive books don’t have to be e-books or apps. In this book, you need to follow the instructions to make sure the wolf won’t get you. He’s a bit scary—maybe he wants to eat us! But here’s an idea: if we hold the book on a lean, maybe the wolf will slip and fall... And if he holds onto a branch, maybe we can shake the book so he drops off... Or maybe it’s enough to turn the page to make him disappear... Let’s try! Bye-bye wolf!

  • An interactive boardbook for toddlers—will induce giggles and shrieks!
  • A hot seller around the world
  • Helps teach children that reading is fun, and also how to follow basic instructions

About the author

Cédric Ramadier was born in 1968 in Toulouse, France. He studied at the Camberwell College of Arts in London, before moving to Paris to work as an art director, graphic designer, editor, and author. He has written a number of popular French children’s books.

About the illustrator

Vincent Bourgeau was born in Brussels in 1967. He now lives in Marseilles, France, where he works full time as a children’s book illustrator.

ISBN: 9781927271841
Imprint: Gecko Press
Distributor: Walker Australia-HEDS
Binding: Board Book
Release Date: June 1, 2015
Dimensions: 185 x 240mm, 22pp
Stock Status: Confirmed
Australian RRP: $16.99
New Zealand RRP: $19.99
Stock Level: Out Of Stock

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