Garbage Night: Black Thistle Acres

By Jen Lee
Illustrated by Jen Lee

With echoes of post-war, derelict places, Garbage Night explores how animals may internalize their changing environment and express their thoughts, fears and hopes.

In a barren and ransacked backyard, a dog named Simon lives with his two best friends: a raccoon and a deer. The unlikely gang spend their days looting the desolate supermarket and waiting for the return of the hallowed ‘garbage night’ – but week after week, the bins remain empty. While scavenging one day, the trio meet Barnaby – another abandoned dog who tells them about the ‘other town’ where humans are still rumoured to live. Spurred on by the promise of food, the trio join up with Barnaby and set off into the unknown…

  • Examines themes of loyalty, friendship, and abandonment through Lee’s iconic anthropomorphic characters.
  • Lee is well known for her webcomic Thunderpaw, desribed by The Beat as 'part Watership Down, part Akira'.
  • Follows on from Lee's bestselling short comic Vacancy from our 17x23 series.

About the author

Jen Lee studied at the School of Visual Arts in NYC for a BFA in illustration, whilst also taking classes in comics, graphic design, and writing. Lee currently freelances in a farmhouse out of Idaho. Some of her clients include Drop Dead Clothing, Burton, Boom! Studios, and Nickelodeon. Her work is influenced by artists such as Marc Boutavant, Dave Cooper and Andrei Tarkovsky.

ISBN: 9781910620212
Imprint: Nobrow
Distributor: Walker Australia-HEDS
Binding: Hardback
Release Date: June 1, 2017
Dimensions: 215 x 300mm, 64pp
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Australian RRP: $27.99
New Zealand RRP: $29.99
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