Fish Kid and the Lizard Ninja

By Kylie Howarth
Illustrated by Kylie Howarth

There's a new superhero on the block, with super fishy powers.

Faster than a speeding mullet … stronger than a bull shark … it’s Fish Kid! Slugging down slimy sea cucumbers and jellyfish is enough to make anyone vomit. BLAAGH!! Will Bodhi (aka Fish Kid) sniff out Emely's revolting prank before it’s too late? Or will he land himself in deep, shark-infested waters? Be sure to take a deep breath before you dive into this hilarious ocean-packed adventure.

  • Each book is set in a different oceanic environment where Fish Kid befriends an amazing marine creature. As he bonds with his new animal friend, he discovers a new fish power. Every chapter contains a rollicking fiction romp (with illustrations to match) plus a focused nonfiction animal fact box (with more realistic illustrations).
  • Passionate and knowledgeable about marine environments, Kylie focuses on important environmental issues throughout the series, including climate change and ghost fishing.
  • Tim Winton’s Blueback meets David Walliams humour in the Fish Kid series. Other comparison titles include Captain Jimmy Cook Discovers Third Grade (Kate & Jol Temple) and Polly & Buster (Sally Rippin).

About the author

Kylie Howarth is an award-winning, internationally published children’s author-illustrator from Western Australia. She not only draws inspiration from her underwater travels but also her own two fish-kids who are ocean explorers too.

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Release Date: February 1, 2019
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