First Man

By Simon Schwartz
Illustrated by Simon Schwartz

Author and illustrator Simon Schwartz weaves biography and fiction together to explore the life of Arctic adventurer Matthew Henson. Moving between different time periods and incorporating Inuit mythology, Schwartz offers fresh perspectives on the many ch

A tribute to the life of Matthew Henson, an African-American explorer. Henson took part in early efforts to reach the North Pole, but he often wasn’t given the same credit as his teammates. Schwartz covers Henson’s accomplishments as an explorer and his struggles as a black man in the early twentieth century. As a fictionalized graphic-novel biography, First Man combines accounts of Henson’s life with elements of Inuit mysticism, exploring Henson’s relationship with both fellow explorers and the native peoples he met during his voyages. Translated from the original German edition.

  • Accessible graphic-novel format
  • Distinctive, compelling illustrations
  • The second United States release by an award-winning German cartoonist

About the author

Simon Schwartz grew up in Berlin, Germany. Since 2006 he has been working as a freelance illustrator for several magazines, newspapers, agencies and other clients. In 2011 he began teaching illustration as an Adjunct Professor at the Design Department of the Hamburg Universtity of Applied Sciences. Druben! was nominated for the German Youth Literature Prize 2010 and awarded the ICOM Independent Comic Award for Outstanding Scenario 2010.

ISBN: 9781467758420
Imprint: Graphic Universe – Lerner Publishing Group
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Binding: Hardback
Release Date: August 1, 2015
Dimensions: 178 x 229mm, 160pp
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