Fiona’s Little Lie

By Rosemary Wells
Illustrated by Rosemary Wells

“Wells is in fine form and her succinct, direct text doesn’t pull any punches . . . few artists can equal her empathy and artistry.” — Publishers Weekly (starred review)

It’s Felix’s birthday tomorrow, and his best friend, Fiona, has promised to bake cupcakes to celebrate. But the next morning, Fiona arrives at the party with no cupcakes . . . and a very tall tale. Fiona’s little lie points the finger at three likely suspects, but Felix has a feeling that she might be getting in deeper and deeper. Now Fiona doesn’t know which is worse — forgetfulness or a queasy conscience. Luckily she has a friend like Felix to whisper some advice into her ear!

  • Based on the principle that friendship can help inoculate children from being bullies or being bullied Rosemary Wells has created in Felix and Fiona an alliance of opposites. Felix influences Fiona, and Fiona influences Felix in the best possible ways: offering one another compensating and complementary social skills.
  • The Max and Ruby animated television show on Nick Jr., along with a bibliography of more than 120 books, makes Rosemary Wells a household name. This huge name and style recognition will win Felix and Fiona a deserving closer look.
  • Perfectly pitched toward the early elementary school audience, a critical time in a child's social/emotional education, when nascent friendships begin to define a child's self-awareness and sense of place in the universe.

ISBN: 9781536203004
Imprint: Candlewick
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Binding: Paperback
Release Date: October 1, 2018
Dimensions: 152 x 228mm, 32pp
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