Fiona’s Little Accident

By Rosemary Wells
Illustrated by Rosemary Wells

“Children will hear the message that accidents will soon be forgotten. . . . This is a refreshing representation of a nearly universal experience.” — Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

Fiona has no time today — not even to go to the bathroom. She is in a big hurry to show off the volcano she and Felix made for show-and-tell. Just as the volcano erupts . . . oops! If only she had stopped to use the bathroom when she needed to! Fiona believes that everyone will laugh about her accident for the next fifty years. But with the help of Felix, her teacher Miss B, and a classmate’s trick goldfish, Fiona learns that little accidents are quickly forgotten.

  • The third book in the Felix and Fiona picture book series, which shines a spotlight on the importance of children's first or early friendships as an inoculation against bullying.
  • Fills a big gap in the market. While having a toileting "accident" is common among preschool and early elementary school children, not a lot of books exist that cover the topic in a fictional, accessible, reassuring way. A quick search on Amazon yielded plenty of books about potty training, but almost none about an older child having an "accident."
  • Falls into that highly-desirable category of "bibliotherapy" that doesn't read like "bibliotherapy."

About the author

Rosemary Wells has written and/or illustrated more than 120 books for children and has received many awards. She is the author-illustrator of Stella’s Starliner and Love Waves, the creator of the beloved Max and Ruby stories, and the illustrator of My Very First Mother Goose and Here Comes Mother Goose, both edited by Iona Opie. Rosemary Wells lives in a small town in New England.

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