Felix Stands Tall

By Rosemary Wells
Illustrated by Rosemary Wells

From the creator of Max and Ruby comes a quiet, sweet-natured guinea pig who stands up to teasing with a tip from his bold new friend.

Felix has a new best friend! With take-charge Fiona, anything seems possible, and before Felix knows it, she sweeps him into singing and dancing with her as pixies in the Guinea Pig Jubilee talent show. But right after Felix’s first-prize triumph, trouble waits in the wings. “Twinkletoes!” someone taunts, and Felix crumbles. Can he pull himself together and face down the bullies? With a little help from Fiona, can Felix find a magic key that unlocks the secret to standing up—to anyone?

  • A gentle and gently humorous take on the issue of bullying that never feels prescriptive or therapeutic.
  • Features Rosemary Wells's trademark combination of deadpan humor, spare and potent text, Dickens-worthy character names, child-sized issues paired with silly specifics, and anthropomorphic characters with impossible but utterly convincing anatomies.
  • The start of a new series about Felix and Fiona, adorable elementary-school age guinea pigs who are both "best friends" and opposite personalities.

About the author

Rosemary Wells has written and/or illustrated more than 120 books for children and has received many awards. She is the author-illustrator of Stella’s Starliner and Love Waves, the creator of the beloved Max and Ruby stories, and the illustrator of My Very First Mother Goose and Here Comes Mother Goose, both edited by Iona Opie. Rosemary Wells lives in a small town in New England.

ISBN: 9780763661113
Imprint: Candlewick
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Binding: Hardback
Release Date: September 1, 2015
Dimensions: 190 x 250mm, 32pp
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