Ever After

By Olivia Vieweg
Illustrated by Olivia Vieweg

Two young women trek through a zombie-filled countryside—and bond in the process—in this gripping YA graphic novel

Vivi and Eva are two travelers in a countryside filled with the undead. After a train breaks down, stranding them between safe zones, the young women partner up to stay alive. Vivi is struggling with grief—and guilt—over the loss of her sister. Eva is hiding the start of a horrifying transformation. Together they'll face heat, zombie hordes, and their own inner demons, searching for signs of life in a land of the dead. This graphic novel addition to an enduring genre is thoughtful and emotion-driven, but also full of zombie scares and action.

  • Vivid, colorful artwork
  • A thoughtful, emotional take on an enduring genre
  • Multi-dimensional characters (vulnerable but resilient)

About the author

Olivia Vieweg was born in Jena, Germany, and received her degree in visual communications at Bauhaus University, Weimar. In addition to creating comics, she also illustrates children's books.

ISBN: 9781541583924
Imprint: Graphic Universe – Lerner Publishing Group
Distributor: Walker Australia-HEDS
Binding: Hardback
Release Date: January 6, 2021
Dimensions: 152 x 229mm, 288pp
Stock Status: Confirmed
Australian RRP: $61.99
New Zealand RRP: $64.99
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