Escalera a la Luna

By Maya Soetoro-Ng
Illustrated by Yuyi Morales

“A lush, haunting story that brings together a grandmother and her grandchild. . . . Captures the luminosity of both the sky and the people on earth striving to make the world a better place.” — Booklist (starred review)

Una noche fresca de luna llena, Suhaila le preguntó a su mamá: ?¿Cómo era Abuela Annie? ?Tu abuela era como la Luna ?le contestó su mamá?. Llena, suave, curiosa. Tu abuela rodearía el mundo entero con sus brazos si fuera posible. En una noche adornada de estrellas, Suhaila ve realizado el sueño de conocer a su abuela cuando una escalera dorada aparece en su ventana y Abuela Annie, tendiéndole sus brazos, invita a Suhaila a una maravillosa aventura. De la mano de Maya Soetoro-Ng, hermana del Presidente Obama, nos llega una lírica historia inspirada en la vida y en el espíritu de su madre, Ann Dunham. Esta mágica aventura, de fantasía y folclore, evoca sucesos que han afectado a personas a través del mundo, y reafirma nuestra humanidad común. El asombroso arte de Yuyi Morales ilumina el camino, recordándonos que nuestros seres queridos están siempre junto a nosotros, y que a veces solo es necesario mirar a la Luna para comprobarlo. Little Suhaila wishes she could have known her grandma, who would wrap her arms around the whole world if she could, Mama says. And one night, Suhaila gets her wish when a golden ladder appears at her window and Grandma Annie invites the girl to come along with her on a magical journey. Renowned translator Teresa Mlawer has translated this dreamlike tale into Spanish, reminding us that loved ones lost are always with us, and that sometimes we need only look at the moon to remember.

  • Written by President Obama's sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, about their mother and the universal lessons about life, community, and family she shared with them.
  • Gorgeously illustrated with emotional resonance in a stunningly vibrant palette by Pura Belpre Award-winning artist Yuyi Morales.
  • The universal message of acceptance, love, and global community is appropriate for all markets and boys and girls alike.

About the author

Maya Soetoro-Ng, a former high school history teacher and university instructor, was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, and is the maternal half-sister of President Barack Obama. She says Ladder to the Moon, her first picture book, was inspired by her young daughter Suhaila’s questions about her grandmother, Ann Dunham. Maya Soetoro-Ng lives in Hawaii with her husband and two daughters.

About the illustrator

Yuyi Morales is the illustrator of Kathleen Krull’s Harvesting Hope: The Story of Cesar Chavez, whose accolades included a Pura Belpre Award and a Christopher Medal, as well as the Pura Belpre Award–winning Los Gatos Black on Halloween by Marisa Montes. Born and raised in Mexico, she now lives with her family in northern California.

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