Elizabella Meets Her Match

By Zoë Norton Lodge
Illustrated by Georgia Norton Lodge

It's hard to be good when your head is practically exploding with schemes! The hilarious Elizabella series is middle-grade at its finest.

Elizabella – ten and a quarter – is a Poet, Fixer of Fairytales and the biggest prankster in the history of Bilby Creek Primary. And when her plans involve making a swimming pool in the playground without consulting a single teacher, the students are behind her every step of the way. But what happens when Minnie, an even bigger prankster, shows up? Can Bilby Creek handle them both? And more importantly, can they handle each other?

  • Zoë Norton Lodge always wanted to write a book for children. And although her book Almost Sincerely and TV show The Checkout are geared towards adults, children are her biggest fans. A little bit naughty herself, Zoë is the perfect author to bring Elizabella to young readers everywhere.
  • Strong sisters with individual talents to share makes this series particularly life-affirming and family-focused.
  • School and family settings makes this series accessible to all readers and themes of friendship, family loss and healing, acceptance, writing and language tricks as therapy, judging what's wrong, pets and pranks are appropriate for an 8 to 12 readership.

About the author

Zoë Norton Lodge is a writer and broadcaster, known for her work on ABC TV’s The Checkout, Reputation Rehab and the live storytelling night and podcast Story Club, as well as her collected short stories Almost Sincerely. Elizabella is her debut kids series with illustrator (and sister) Georgia Norton Lodge. Featuring four titles: Elizabella Meets Her Match, Elizabella and the Great Tuckshop Takeover, Elizabella and the Haunting of Lizard Lake and Elizabella Breaks a Leg. She is currently working with Georgia on their first graphic novel Why Athena Why?

About the illustrator

By day, Georgia Norton Lodge leads her branding team at a Sydney-based design agency. By night, she moonlights as an illustrator with her side project Georgia Draws a House, where she delights people with deliveries of their hand-drawn homes. She’s also Zoë’s younger sister. The Elizabella series is their second book project together.

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