Drawn Across Borders: True Stories of Migration

By George Butler
Illustrated by George Butler

A collection of vivid and powerful stories drawn on the front lines of migration by award-winning artist George Butler.

For thousands of years humans have moved around the world, to seek a better life, to flee disaster or to escape war. Migration is a fact of life – and one of the most pressing issues of our time. In striking and intimate illustrations, award-winning artist George Butler introduces us to the people behind the headlines. Drawings made on front lines, in refugee camps and on the move vividly capture stories of leaving home, travelling into the unknown and trying to make a new life. These powerful portraits of migration are a timely reminder of the humanity we all share and our universal need to seek safety and a better life. A stunning, illuminating and sensitive look at stories that deserve to be told.

  • George Butler is an award-winning artist whose work has been published by the BBC, The Times, The Guardian, New York Times and CNN.
  • A sensitive and beautiful book on the timely topic of migration, telling the stories of the real people behind the news headlines.
  • The illustrations in the book were made by George during trips to report on migration and conflict in countries in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia.

About the author

George Butler is an award-winning artist specializing in current affairs and travel. His work has been published by The Times, BBC, New York Times, The Guardian, CNN and more, and has been displayed in the V&A Museum. His pen, ink and watercolour drawings are made in situ, and he has reported on a range of conflicts and crises in countries including Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Myanmar. In 2014 George and three friends founded the Hands Up Foundation, which promotes awareness of the ongoing war in Syria and supports salaries of professionals in the country. It has so far raised over £3.5 million. Drawn Across Borders is his first children's book. He lives in London.

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