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David Mortimore Baxter: Manners!

By Karen Tayleur

Trouble has a way of finding David Mortimore Baxter.

“Gran’s always going on about how I don’t have any manners. But I reckon I do. Just to prove it, I’ve written this book. If you follow this guide to good manners, I reckon you could probably have dinner with the Queen or someone else really important, like Smashing Smorgan. Thank you for reading this blurb (see, good manners!).”

  • The David Mortimore Baxter series has a great track record for sales. Over 60,000 copies sold.
  • Ideal for boys - especially reluctant and newly independent readers.

About the author

Karen Tayleur was born in the western suburbs of Melbourne and moved to the eastern suburbs in her tweens. Reading was something she learned to do before she started school and it has helped shape the person she is today. She has had a variety of jobs including present wrapper, bank teller and ward assistant in a nursing home. She was a publisher at the age of 20 for the short story magazine Brave New Word and thinks nothing can replace the rush of writing except maybe reading a really good story. She is currently the Editorial Manager at The Five Mile Press and has had over 40 books published for children and young adults.

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