Curse of the Evil Librarian

By Michelle Knudsen

“As ever, there’s a lot of Buffy-worthy silliness and snark grounded by . . . well-developed characters and relationships. . . . A satisfying conclusion to this horror-comedy saga.” —The Horn Book

After sending the evil librarian, Mr. Gabriel, back to the demon world once and for all at theater camp last summer, Cynthia is ready to enjoy a completely demon-free senior year of high school, especially once she learns the fall musical will be Les Misérables. She can’t wait to create the most incredible barricade set design in all of high-school theater. And her boyfriend, Ryan, is sure to land his dream role of Javert. But down in the demon realm, an epic mishandling of Mr. Gabriel’s essence leads to his escape—and soon he’s gathering strength, bent once again on revenge against Cyn and everyone she loves. As with the rest of Michelle Knudsen’s Evil Librarian series, this final act—now out in paperback—overflows with horror and humor.

  • What started in Evil Librarian and continued in Revenge of the Evil Librarian comes to a dramatic, satisfying, as well as very funny conclusion as Mr. Gabriel at last faces the final curtain!
  • The entire series, now in paperback, is perfect for YA readers who like their horror and romance served up with ample doses of humor and musical theater
  • Michelle Knudsen's teen characters are funny, real, and super relatable. You can't help wishing that Cynthia, Ryan, and even good (not to mention distractingly handsome) demon Peter were your friends in high school

About the author

Michelle Knudsen is the author of many books, including the young adult novels Evil Librarian and Revenge of the Evil Librarian and the Trelian middle-grade fantasy series. She is also the author of several picture books, including the New York Times best-selling Library Lion, illustrated by Kevin Hawkes. Michelle Knudsen lives in Brooklyn, New York

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Release Date: March 3, 2021
Dimensions: 139 x 209mm, 320pp
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