Closets Are For Clothes

By Rachel Cook

A celebration of the history of gay and lesbian culture in Australia.

Some of the first white Australians were lesbians and gay men. They came on convict ships or as free settlers and forged a colourful and intriguing history. At times shunned by from society, they fought to be treated as equals. From floggings and hangings to cross-dressing and Mardi Gras, Closets are for Clothes links today’s queer Australia to its history.

  • Part of the award-winning history series, The Drum, which uses first-person accounts and non-fiction to bring history roaring to life.
  • A book about gay and lesbian history in Australia written specifically for teens. Includes fascinating personal accounts.
  • A great educational resource that is an invaluable tool in teaching anti-discrimination - an increasingly prominent part of the Curriculum.

About the author

Rachel Cook is an editor and journalist. She studied writing at the Victorian College of the Arts and Cultural Studies at Melbourne University before going on to work at ABC radio. She has won awards for a short film, her radio programs both at the ABC and local radio, and has also worked in the queer media for over a decade. She currently lives in Melbourne.

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Release Date: February 1, 2010
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