Charles Darwin and the Theory of Evolution

By Jordi Bayarri
Illustrated by Jordi Bayarri

This accessible graphic biography provides a look at Charles Darwin's childhood in England, his field research as a naturalist, and the development of his groundbreaking theory of natural selection. Featuring back matter and color illustrations.

Charles Darwin's scientific work transformed the way people think about life on Earth. From his childhood in England to his pivotal ocean voyages, he took every opportunity to study the natural world. And he helped shape a new understanding of how life forms change over time. This graphic biography highlights Darwin's youthful push to become a naturalist—against the wishes of his stern father. It also shares a look at his field research, collaborations, and scientific breakthroughs.

  • Inviting graphic approach to STEM topics
  • Reluctant-reader friendly
  • Series includes a range of science topics

About the author

Jordi Bayerri is a freelance comic-book artist based in Valencia, Spain.

ISBN: 9781541586970
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Binding: Paperback
Release Date: April 1, 2020
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