Caterpillar to Butterfly

By Frances Barry

Open out the pages and create a giant life-cycle that shows how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly.

Watch in wonder as the caterpillar changes first to a chrysalis and finally to a beautiful butterfly. Then lift the flap and discover more fascinating facts about butterflies. An interactive introduction to simple biology published in association with the RSPB.

  • Interactive reading experience – unfolding pages open out to create a giant life-cycle, with a flap to lift at the centre of the book.
  • Published in association with the RSPB, the largest conservation charity in the UK.
  • Perfect education resource for Early Years and Key Stage 1.

About the author

Frances Barry, artist and illustrator, is the creator of the Duckie series which includes Duckie’s Rainbow and Duckie’s Ducklings. She has also created books for children about endangered animals and dinosaurs. Frances has a first-class degree in Fine Art from the University of Brighton and a Postgraduate Diploma from the Royal Academy. She lives in London.

ISBN: 9781406383485
Imprint: Walker
Distributor: Walker Australia-HEDS
Binding: Hardback
Release Date: May 1, 2018
Dimensions: 240 x 242mm, 32pp
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New Zealand RRP: $18.99
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