Cultural Diversity

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  • Mirror

    By Jeannie Baker
    Illustrated by Jeannie Baker

    Hardback, AUS $39.99, NZ $45.99
    Two diverse countries and cultures are linked with warmth and charm in this two-in-one picture book.

  • Same Sun Here

    By Silas House, Neela Vaswani
    Illustrated by Hilary Schenker

    Hardback, AUS $24.99, NZ $27.99
    In this extraordinary novel in letters, an Indian immigrant girl in New York City and a Kentucky coal miner's son find strength and perspective by sharing their true selves across the miles.

  • Silver Buttons

    By Bob Graham
    Illustrated by Bob Graham

    Hardback, AUS $27.99, NZ $29.99
    Bob Graham beautifully captures a world vision in one solitary moment.

  • Somebody's House

    By Katrina Germein
    Illustrated by Anthea Stead

    Hardback, AUS $27.99, NZ $29.99
    This is a simple, engaging and vibrant story about different characters and families living on the same street.

  • The Journey

    By Francesca Sanna
    Illustrated by Francesca Sanna

    Hardback, AUS $27.99, NZ $29.99
    What is it like to have to leave everything behind and travel many miles to somewhere unfamiliar and strange? A mother and her two children set out on such a journey; one filled with fear of the unknown, but also great hope. Based on her own interactions

  • Under the Persimmon Tree

    By Suzanne Fisher Staples

    Paperback, AUS $16.99, NZ $21.99
    An outstanding novel exploring the relationship between a young American woman and a refugee girl.

  • Under the Same Stars

    By Suzanne Fisher Staples

    Paperback, AUS $16.99, NZ $18.99
    A young woman must choose between family, tradition and an unexpected love in this gripping novel set in Pakistan.

  • We Are Here to Stay: Voices of Undocumented Young Adults

    By Susan Kuklin
    Illustrated by Susan Kuklin

    Hardback, AUS $27.99, NZ $29.99
    The Stonewall Honor–winning author of Beyond Magenta shares the intimate, eye-opening stories of nine undocumented young adults living in America.

  • When Heaven Fell

    By Carolyn Marsden

    Hardback, AUS $24.99, NZ $31.99
    When a Vietnamese girl receives a visit from her half-American aunt, brimming curiosity and cultural misperceptions come to the fore.

  • White Water

    By Michael S. Bandy, Eric Stein
    Illustrated by Shadra Strickland

    Hardback, AUS $29.99, NZ $31.99
    For a young boy growing up in the segregated south, a town drinking fountain becomes the source of an epiphany.

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