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  • Poojo's Got Wheels

    By Charrow
    Illustrated by Charrow

    Paperback, AUS $16.99, NZ $18.99
    Look at Poojo go! This adorable dog was born without back legs, but that’s OK – because Poojo's got wheels.

  • Poor Louie

    By Tony Fucile
    Illustrated by Tony Fucile

    Hardback, AUS $24.99, NZ $29.99
    Poor Louie! Life is perfect for this pup until Mum’s belly starts getting bigger...

  • Poultrygeist

    By Eric Geron
    Illustrated by Pete Oswald

    Hardback, AUS $27.99, NZ $29.99
    From a debut picture-book author and a #1 New York Times best-selling illustrator, a wry take on "Why did the chicken cross the road?” that gives a whole new meaning to “the Other Side.” Cock-a-doodle-BOO!

  • Pretty Pru

    By Polly Dunbar
    Illustrated by Polly Dunbar

    Paperback, AUS $11.99, NZ $12.99
    A handbag thief is on the prowl ... and Pru's the victim! But who could have taken it? Surely not her friends?

  • Previously

    By Allan Ahlberg
    Illustrated by Bruce Ingman

    Paperback, AUS $16.99, NZ $19.99
    An inventive, topsy-turvy, back-to-front story of fairytale characters and what they did ... previously.

  • Puddling!

    By Emma Perry
    Illustrated by Claire Alexander

    Hardback, AUS $27.99, NZ $29.99
    Clouds gather, skies darken, rain drops, puddles appear… Let’s go puddling!

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