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  • (In a Sense) Lost & Found

    By Roman Muradov
    Illustrated by Roman Muradov

    Hardback, AUS $24.99, NZ $27.99
    (In a Sense) Lost and Found explores the theme of innocence by treating it as a tangible object – something that can be used, lost, mistreated.

  • 750 Years In Paris

    By Vincent Mahé
    Illustrated by Vincent Mahé

    Hardback, AUS $39.99, NZ $44.99
    If you could stand still for 750 years, what could you learn about the world? It’s time to find out.

  • Art Schooled

    By Jamie Coe
    Illustrated by Jamie Coe

    Hardback, AUS $29.99, NZ $32.99
    Daniel Stope is a small-town guy who dreams of becoming an artist.

  • Big Mother 2

    By Sam Vanallemeersch
    Illustrated by Sam Vanallemeersch

    Paperback, AUS $44.99, NZ $49.99
    Big Mother #2 is here, this time graced with the awe-inspiring work of Belgian artist/illustrator Sam Vanallemeersch.

  • Big Mother 3

    By Riikka Sormunen
    Illustrated by Riikka Sormunen

    Paperback, AUS $44.99, NZ $49.99
    Travelling from Klimt to Kahlo with a brief stop at Kandinsky, the new Big Mother has finally arrived!

  • Big Mother 4

    By Raymond Lemstra
    Illustrated by Raymond Lemstra

    Paperback, AUS $44.99, NZ $49.99
    Back on our shelves is the fourth title in Nobrow’s Big Mother series.

  • Biografiktion

    By Edition Biografiktion
    Illustrated by Edition Biografiktion

    Hardback, AUS $37.99, NZ $39.99
    Berlin collective Édition Biografiktion make their UK publishing debut with this irreverent collection of skewed celebrity profiles and bold illustration work.

  • Cyber Realm

    By Wren McDonald
    Illustrated by Wren McDonald

    Paperback, AUS $16.99, NZ $18.99
    Before ‘the end’ took place, all technology and robotics were safely locked away deep underground in the Cyber Realm… but now, the King and his army stand guard over its entrance, manipulating the stores to enforce taxes on the people and bul

  • Dalston Monsterzz

    By Dilraj Mann
    Illustrated by Dilraj Mann

    Hardback, AUS $29.99, NZ $32.99
    In the vein of Joss Whedon, Attack the Block, and Saga, Dilraj Mann’s debut graphic novel explores friendship and corruption in a vision of the future not far from today.

  • Dockwood

    By Jon McNaught
    Illustrated by Jon McNaught

    Hardback, AUS $27.99, NZ $29.99
    Dockwood is a small town in South East England, population 26,000. It is home to a bowling alley, a boating lake and Willowbrook Outlet Village.

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