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  • Breakfast Served Anytime

    By Sarah Combs

    Paperback, AUS $16.99, NZ $17.99
    “Beautifully drawn characters populate this affecting first novel, each of them real enough to be hug-worthy. . . . There is much to be savored in this book for those who want a story about real life and real friendship.” — Booklist

  • Burning Issy

    By Melvin Burgess

    Paperback, AUS $16.99, NZ $18.99
    A fantastic new edition of this Melvin Burgess classic

  • Bursting Bubbles

    By Dyan Sheldon

    Paperback, AUS $16.99, NZ $18.99
    Three over-privileged teens discover what life is like on the other side of the tracks.

  • Chalkline

    By Jane Mitchell

    Paperback, AUS $16.99, NZ $21.99
    The moving story of a Kashmiri boy soldier, from a prize-winning Irish author.

  • Chameleon

    By Charles R. Smith Jr.

    Hardback, AUS $27.99, NZ $31.99
    "Kids will grab this for the immediacy in the scenes, the brutal standoffs, the fast talk at the ball court, and the elemental conflicts of coming-of-age." — Booklist

  • Chessboxer

    By Stephen Davies

    Paperback, AUS $18.99, NZ $20.99
    Leah Baxter exchanges competition chess for the dangerous hybrid sport of chessboxing. Is this her riskiest gambit yet?

  • Chinglish

    By Sue Cheung

    Paperback, AUS $15.99, NZ $17.99
    The hilarious and tragic diary of a girl growing up in a Chinese takeaway. Chinglish is a one-of-a-kind illustrated novel about family, food, being different and finding your own way.

  • Clementine and Rudy

    By Siobhan Curham

    Paperback, AUS $16.99, NZ $18.99
    Their poetry and art will change the world.

  • Closets Are For Clothes

    By Rachel Cook

    Paperback, AUS $18.99, NZ $21.99
    A celebration of the history of gay and lesbian culture in Australia.

  • Come August, Come Freedom

    By Gigi Amateau

    Hardback, AUS $24.99, NZ $27.99
    An 1800 insurrection planned by a literate slave known as "Prosser’s Gabriel" inspires a historical novel following one extraordinary man’s life.

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