Brave Dog Bonnie

By Bel Mooney
Illustrated by Sarah McMenemy

Bonnie, the tiny, fluffy, white dog, is back and learning all about being brave in this great adventure story.

“I want to visit Dad,” said Harry, “but I’m not going without Bonnie.” Harry’s dad lives in London now and he wants Harry to come and visit. But Harry can’t go without Bonnie – who else will help him to be brave when he sees Dad’s new life in the big city? But Bonnie’s about to have an adventure of her own – one which will show everybody that you don’t have to be big to be brave…

  • Readers can enjoy more of Bonnie s adventures in Big Dog Bonnie, Best Dog Bonnie, Bad Dog Bonnie, Busy Dog Bonnie and Bright Dog Bonnie.
  • Racing Reads are pacy and engaging first novels for the newly independent reader. Each book is extensively illustrated and the story-per-chapter structure is ideal for building reading confi dence.
  • "A small fl uffy dog with a big heart, who shows she can take on the world when she needs to." The Glasgow Herald

About the author

Bel Mooney is a journalist, broadcaster and author. These books are based on Bel's own tiny white Maltese dog, also called Bonnie. Bel lives just outside Bath.

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