Arthur and the Golden Rope

By Joe Todd-Stanton
Illustrated by Joe Todd-Stanton

Imagine a vault so cavernous that it could contain all the world’s greatest treasures and relics, from mummified remains of ancient monarchs to glistening swords brandished by legendary warriors. Who could be in charge of such a vault and how did he com

Follow the epic journey of Professor Brownstone’s earliest ancestor, Arthur, as we travel back to the age of the Vikings where the evil wolf Fenrir is on the loose! Can this inquisitive but shy adventurer find the courage to save his village and defeat the mighty beast? Joe Todd Stanton’s detailed and lively illustrations take readers on a journey across the ancient world, filled with magical objects, old gods, and mythical dangers to be overcome.

  • Debut picture book by an exciting and talented new illustrator.
  • The adventure of the story will entrance kids whilst teaching them about Norse mythology and the Viking Age.
  • Has the potential to be developed into a series.

About the author

Joe Todd Stanton grew up in Brighton and was taught to draw by his mother, who is also an illustrator. He studied at Bristol University, receiving a first class degree in Illustration. Stanton has been commissioned to work for clients such as Computer Arts, Usborne Publishing and Aquila magazine. He was also a contributor for Nobrow 9 Magazine. He quotes Maurice Sendak and Tove Jansson amongst his greatest influences.

ISBN: 9781911171034
Imprint: Flying Eye Books
Distributor: Walker Australia-HEDS
Binding: Hardback
Release Date: December 1, 2016
Dimensions: 191 x 260mm, 56pp
Stock Status: Out of Print
Australian RRP: $19.99
New Zealand RRP: $22.99
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