Alexander the Great

By Carole Wilkinson

This book about Alexander the Great is part of the award-winning non-fiction series for teens, The Drum, and is written by multi-award-winning author Carole Wilkinson of Dragonkeeper fame.

At twenty, Alexander overthrew the might of Ancient Greece and then led an army of 50 000 to conquer Ancient Egypt and the Persian Empire. He defeated armies five times the size of his own, leading the most dangerous charges himself, until he reached the very edge of the known world. But in his wake, he left tens of thousands dead or enslaved. The Persians called him Alexander the Accursed. Was he a brilliant warrior or a ruthless invader?

  • "Carole Wilkinson tells the story of Alexander's 32 years of life, battle by battle, murder by murder, feat by feat with an eye for the memorable and telling detail ... This is an extremely well written, thoughtfully constructed and appropriately open-ended historical account Highly recommended." Reading Time magazine

About the author

Carole Wilkinson is an award-winning author of books for children, her most well known work being the Dragonkeeper series. She has a longstanding fascination with dragons and is interested in the history of everything. Carole is a meticulous researcher who finds it difficult to stop researching and begin writing. She once searched for weeks to find out whether there were daffodils in Han Dynasty, China. Carole is married, has a daughter and lives in inner-city Melbourne.

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