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A History of Cricket

By Catherine Chambers

For backyard cricketers, aspiring national heroes — and everyone in between.

For millions of fans worldwide, cricket is the world. But how did this game that has too many rules and can take days to play, take hold in every corner of the globe? This is the updated history of the quirkiest sport on the planet. Any other sport is just not cricket!

  • Updated statistics
  • Great for cricket fans of all ages
  • Notable Book, Eve Pownall category, Children’s Book Council of Australia awards, 2010

About the author

Catherine Chambers was born in Adelaide and was shaken but not stirred by an earthquake that hit the city four hours later. She has lived in Nigeria, Portugal and England where similar disturbances have occurred. Catherine took a degree in African History and Swahili and then entered the world of publishing. She enjoys writing about history, cultures and religions, and reckons that sport can satisfy all three. She loves traveling, but never as much as the times when she and her family chugged across Europe in their old VW bus.

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