A Bit of a Hero

By Gervase Phinn

Gervase Phinn has written a thought-provoking story of heroes, bullies and moral courage.

Tom is finding it hard to come to terms with the death of his father and life just gets worse as Mum meets a new man and a bully joins his class at school. Unkind people say that his firefighter father ought not to have risked his life in a blaze when he had a family to support, but Tom knows that his father was a true hero. Will he find the same courage within himself to stand up to the bully, and also accept his mother's new friend?

  • Best-selling author of the series of adult books about a school inspector in the Yorkshire Dales, published by Penguin, and broadcast on Radio 4.
  • Moving and thoughtful book about bereavement, bullying and what it takes to be a hero.
  • Widespread interest expected as Gervase Phinn is such a well-loved and high profile figure in educational circles and is an extremely popular public speaker.

About the author

Gervase Phinn is a bestselling Author Biography and poet, teacher, freelance lecturer, educational consultant, school inspector, visiting professor of education and, last but by no means least, father of four. The majority of his time is spent in schools with teachers and children. He is best known for his autobiographical accounts of his time as a school inspector in the Yorkshire Dales, which have been likened to James Herriot's books.

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