101 Pieces of Me

By Veronica Bennett

Is a life in film right for Sarah?

Set in the late 1920s against the backdrop of the early days of British cinema, this story is told in 101 numbered parts. By 1925, the rate of 24 frames per second had been established worldwide for silent films. So 101 frames – the "pieces" of the title – make about four seconds. Four seconds of film is enough for 16-year-old Sarah Freebody to become an object of fascination for a young producer who will not rest until he has secured her for his next project. Sarah becomes Clara Hope, acts in films, meets exciting people, falls in love and, in the end, has to decide whether a life in film is right for her.

  • A beautifully written romantic novel, full of intrigue.
  • Gives a unique and fascinating insight into the early days of British cinema.
  • Short sections and a compelling story make for compulsive reading.

About the author

Veronica Bennett was an English lecturer for many years but now writes full time. She is the author of AngelMonster, Cassandra's Sister, Shakespeare's Secret and The Devil's Promise, as well as many other books for teens and the Poppy Love series for younger readers. She lives in Middlesex with her husband, and has an adult son and daughter.

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